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Global contact center without charges


International Contact Support Center by International Trade and Exhibit Management ITEM – Canada.

All calls from any area will be directed to our contact center in Canada without any charges for the caller.

You can always write us an email or fill the contact form for information and quotations, as you prefer.



Buenos Aires: +54 11 5984-2531



São Paulo: +55 11 4063-3793

Curitiba: +55 41 40636105

Florianópolis: + 55 48 40420530

Brasília: +55 61 40421401

Porto Velho: +55 69 40629370




Quebec: +1 514-907-6966

Toronto: +1647-361-6165

Vancouver: +1 778-650-4077




Miami: +1 3056020023

Los Angeles: +1 310-626-9920

New York: +1 347-602-4480




ENGLAND (London): +44 20 3808-7345

GERMANY (Frankfurt): +49 69 9675-8579

PORTUGAL(Lisbon):  +351 308-801-030




ISRAEL (HAIFA): +9724 372-0129




HONG KONG (SAR): +852 5808-8733

Disclaimer and legal

DISCLAIMER 1: WELL EXPORT GROUP is not a USA or CANADIAN Securities Dealer, Broker or Investment Adviser. All of our electronic transmission and or attached documents are not to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities. It merely describing the details of an existing private program that does not constitute an offer or solicitation of any kind and if presented is done so as a request for information. This transmission may contain privileged and/or confidential information and is intended solely for the use of the addressee. Upon receipt of these documents, you as the recipient acknowledge this disclaimer. By reading beyond this point you agree and acknowledge and accept that this is a privileged proprietary and confidential communication and you agree to keep it private.


We certify and inform the following:

1- We and our Associates / Partners do not have agents, mandates or attorneys selling or offering any product.

2- All sales and offers are done exclusively through the Sellers companies and Exporters. We are not responsible for any sales or product quality and we are not responsible for any product guarantee and or liability.

3- We do not ask any upfront fees or payment for any financial transactions and we do not collect and or pay sales commissions.

4- All products description, quality and guarantees are totally a responsibility of the Industry and Exporter.

5- We do not represent any financial institution and we do not offer any financial program for Industry and Export Import, including programs to monetize letters of credit.

6- We have two (2) shareholders and some officials that are in our administration.



Title CEO





Title COO




7- We do have officers overseas in Argentina and Brazil, and one of them is one of the shareholders. We do not have any subsidiary or branch owned by us in Brazil or any other country overseas and USA.

8- We do not do any business or procedures with parties or business meetings or trade/ exchange information and documents with persons or companies located in countries considered and declare are enemies of USA and or CANADA or are under United Nations Embargo.

9- Our company and its shareholders or associates do not sell alcohol, medicine, illegal drugs, or weapons. In addition we do not exhibit or sell any product or literature with respect to religion, racism, pornography/sex.

10- We do have a MEMBERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER with phone lines to give information and support without fees and cost to our members and customers and is created and operated by our shareholder company INTERNATIONAL TRADE & EXHIBIT MANAGEMENT. The services have phone lines in 15 cities in Brazil, with some numbers in USA and Canada.

11- By reason of business security matters and confidentiality we do not authorize any media promotions news in newspapers, radio or television in any country or location informing our business activity of our members and its customers. If we need to issue a news bulletin we will contract an appropriate media service to facilitate.